Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have spent many years trying to undo the effects of a seemingly difficult childhood. Moving to Hollywood to become an actress only compounded all the insecurity and low self-esteem I had. What I have realized overtime is that, what I thought was once a lack of discipline on my part to consciously will myself to be more happy and centered was the greatest mistake I had been making. Let me explain: Our subconscious minds are very faithful to our conscious thoughts-yet once memories and images become embedded in that region of the brain, then it is really difficult to reprogram it with just conscious efforts. Think of the subconscious mind as the hard drive in a computer. Like the mind, a computer downloads programs that can be running in the background all the time. SO we might consciously affirm that we love ourselves and want to change, yet the moment we stop consciously telling ourselves these things, our subconscious mind goes right back to negative self-defeating thoughts. 
 At first blush, this might sound complicated, but it really is quite simple I assure you. We are not the sum of our DNA or genetics-we are thinking, breathing individuals who have the power to change our thoughts at any moment WE chose. This is where meditation and hypnosis become really important- in particular, deep meditation using theta waves. By getting to a deepened state of relaxation we can awaken the subconscious mind and reprogram it. It is not difficult, it just takes a willingness and a desire to change. I encourage you to make the commitment to reprogram all those self-defeating messages that are enabling you from living the life of joy you deserve. Don't allow yourself to continue to be a victim of life and family history- believe you can change what you cannot see. have the courage to soak in this possibility and then make it happen!  Namaste

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