Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trusting In Our Spiritual Process

So often when we experience difficulties in our lives, we can feel disllusioned and fall into self-pity.  We ask "why me?" If we can step back and trust that these experiences were pre-designed by our own souls to learn and expand as spiritual beings-things take on new meaning. It comes down to trust and faith, not so much in things outside of ourselves but rather  in the amazing and powerfully capable beings we are. We have been conditioned since birth to llive and experience life outside of ourselves, worshiping external factors. This is not natural. We must teach ourselves to spend less time looking outward and more time looking inward for answers, guidance, love, etc. When difficult situations rear their ugly little heads, don't feel victimized, trust your soul and be open to the growth being presented to you. Believe that you chose this experience for a reason and lean into it with acceptance. Each experiience in our lives brings us a step closer to the spiritual beings we truly are. Namaste friends  MB